Environmental Policy

Gold Oasis Corporation (“Gold Oasis Corporation LLC” or the “Company”) aspires to provide safe, responsible, and profitable operations while ensuring sustainable development of natural resources, for the benefit of our employees, shareholders, and host communities and will endeavor to protect and conserve the natural environment for future generations.

Gold Oasis Corporation LLC intends to drive continuous improvement and excellence in environmental management and performance to fulfill this commitment, and will:

• Utilize an Environmental Management System that ensures assessment, prioritization, planning, implementation, monitoring, and review

• Communicate its commitment to excellence in environmental performance to our employees, government agencies, and host communities.

• Require all contractors to conduct their activities in a manner consistent with this Policy.

• Comply with host country laws and regulations, augmenting these with appropriate international and sector guidelines for best practice environmental management and performance.

• Engage with host communities with respect to the environmental impacts and implications of our business activities in local, regional, and national contexts.

• Avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts through our business activities and will address such impacts if they occur.

• Seek to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts that are directly linked to our operations, products or services by our business relationships, even if the Company has not contributed to those impacts.

• Prevent the pollution of air, land, and water, and implement appropriate waste management practices.

• Strive to be energy efficient.

• Explore opportunities with government agencies and communities to remediate and mitigate historic mining impacts on acquired properties.

• Ensure accessible mechanisms are in place for stakeholders to raise concerns and seek remedy for any environmental issues related to human rights.

• Allocate the necessary resources to ensure the Company can meet its environmental obligations, including reclamation and closure.

• Routinely set and review environmental targets and performance within a framework of continuous improvement.

• Publicly communicate/report on Environmental policies, procedures, and performance through annual Sustainability Reports as well as ongoing engagement with stakeholders.

• Periodically review this policy and its implementation with a view to continuous improvement